FrameMaster 60

FrameMaster system 60 is designed to work with most 60mm diameter tube conventional frame systems, such as Acrow, RMD and Brooker.

"Unlock limitless potential of conventional frames with our FrameMaster system and accessories. The ultimate game-changer for Form Workers. Experience versatility as you seamlessly integrate your conventional frame systems to suit various structures, including high strutting slabs whilst meeting all current SafeWork requirements. Tackle diverse projects without the need for additional hire costs and employing scaffold labour crews to assemble your falsework systems. It's time to maximise the utilisiation of your conventional frames and maximise your team’s capabilities and take on projects that possibly were previously out of your reach."

Versatility redefined,

The system can be used as a –

  • High strutting falsework system with conventional formwork
  • High strutting falsework system with aluminium panel formwork
  • Access system
  • Prop to panel system for low strutting slabs
  • Typical low strutting falsework system with conventional timbers or Aluminium panels

Safety – Complies with SafeWork Code of Practice.

FrameMaster 60 –Designed to modernise conventional frame systems, providing all required safety features with comprehensive edge protection, removing the risk of falls to people and falling material from height.

Accessability and Efficiency

We understand the importance of seamless workflow on the construction site. That's why FrameMaster comes equipped with construction stairs, standards, hop-ups and large working decks ensuring its suitability to all projects and provides better access for other trades and optimising overall efficiency.

Experience the Future of Construction Safety and Efficiency

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