Super Destil

To our knowledge the first and only system in the market that can be used as a table form and wall form system. Used as a wall form system, Super Destil is capable of withstanding 80kN/m2 concrete pressure, using only 3 tie bars vertically over the height of the panel. With less tie bars and easy fit accessories, the system is efficient, easy to assemble and fully compatible with our Destil wall form system.

As a freestanding table system, the Super Destil is capable of supporting slabs 2.0m thick with only 4 Alu-Props over an area of 8.64m2 and thicker slabs with additional propping.

Using the Fowler Hydraulic Lifter, the system can be assembled to create large wing tables, forming 21m2 with only 8 props.

Using less components than other table form systems in the market, Super Destil is easy to use and simple to move using a small Walkie Stacker.

Super Destil is more rigid and more stable, requiring less bracing.

As a table form and wall form system, the system is suitable for complex structures, reduces the quantity of material needed on site, minimises transport costs and reduces waste. Contact Us.